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Aegean Garden Tropical Quartet

To be appreciated in her lifetime is the ultimate blessing for an artist.
Thank you to all who contacted me, for your kind words and encouragement.

Below are some free designs for both stitchers and shop-owners, to express my gratitude.
I will continue to add to this collection, so I hope you will check back frequently.

These designs are copyrighted by Turquoise Graphics & Designs.
They are provided free of charge for shop-owners to include in their newsletters and/or
to distribute in their shops, provided all company name & copyright information is listed.

These designs may not be kitted or sold.

Needle-Crafters may download and duplicate these designs with needle and thread.

Note: Chart & Project Pages are in PDF format.
If you need a viewer, you may get one by clicking below

TGD - Water Garden

Water Garden
(featured in the Wichelt February 2011 Newsletter)

Turquoise Graphics & Designs -  Deep Seas

Deep Seas
(featured in the Wichelt March 2010 Newsletter)

TGD Aegean Garden

Aegean Garden
You may also download this class from The Caron Collection

TGD Reflections

(featured in the Wichelt February 2009 Newsletter)

TGD Tropical Quartet

Tropical Quartet

TGD Blue Pond

Blue Pond
(featured in the Wichelt November 2009 Newsletter)


Project Pages

Complementary Journal Pages and Floss Cards

TGD Journal Page and Floss Card Sample

Here are some complementary blank journal pages and floss cards that you may use with any of your projects!

To use the floss cards, just print them, fill in the symbols, punch the holes, insert your floss and you are ready to stitch! Especially on large projects, we find the floss cards to be quite a time saver when stitching, we hope you will too!

I recommend printing the floss cards on cardstock.  They will last longer as you insert and remove your threads. Feel free to print multiple floss cards if you have a project that uses more floss colors than there is room for on one card. 

As for the Journal Pages... I sincerely hope you will start a stitchery journal if you are not keeping one already. Particularly for the items that you give away as gifts, it is always great to keep an entry in a journal with a photo of the finished product. Over the years these entries accumulate and it is always a pleasure to browse through one's own stitchery work.

Turquoise Graphics & Designs - Project Page Color Ramp

Journal Page

Floss Card

Turquoise Graphics and Designs - Project Page Jade Bar

Journal Page

Floss Card

Turquoise Graphics & Designs Project Page Golden Bar

Journal Page

Floss Card

Turquoise Graphics & Designs - Project Page Purple Bar

Journal Page

Floss Card